Protect your roof with our gutters

For over 15 years, Highpoint Builders has been helping Teller and the El Paso Counties turn their houses into homes. Located in Manitou Springs Colorado, we have been a locally owned and operated family business. Our gutter installation and maintenance packages will help protect your roof for the long run. with our professional and honest gutter service, you can be sure that your home and roof will be safe.

Whats The Purpose Of Gutters

The gutters of your home play a crucial role in water management, efficiently channeling water and debris away from your roof and foundation, particularly during storms or when ice melts. Without properly functioning gutters, your roof and home become vulnerable to water damage and foundation cracking. However, the installation and maintenance of gutters can be both arduous and hazardous tasks. Allow our team of seasoned experts to assist you with your project, ensuring optimal functionality and protection for your property.

Packages We Offer


Our Installation package comes with highly qualified porfessionals with over a dedcade of experience. We measure twice, build once, so your gutters can be right the first time. We offer many colors and brands to fit your style and budget. 


Our cleaning package comes with monthly check ins with house calls. we want to make sure that the gutters say functional, when the debris gome off the roof, it can get trapped in the gutters and downspouts. causing damage to not only your roof, but also your gutters.

Free Estimates Available

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